Dear Fellow Clockmakers!

I congratulate you on obtaining this outstanding clock kit.

Firmensitz der Großuhrenmanufaktur Erwin Sattler

In today's hectic times, which are dominated by computers and electronic technology, more and more people love mechanical clocks. The steady tick and the calming swing of the pendulum give every room a relaxing atmosphere. The fascination of the visible mechanism made me think of the Latin name 'Mechanica'. In recent times, more and more clocklovers have asked Erwin Sattler externer Link of Munich for gears, pendulums or cases from its range of clocks. The company has always had to refuse because it will never sell an Erwin Sattler clock as a kit. But I couldn't get the idea of a 'doityourself' clock for enthusiasts out of my mind. The famous company Strasser and Rhode, which produced precision clocks at the end of the 19th century, made components available to individual clockmakers. Erwin Sattler has more than 30 years experience in building precision clocks and in that time has manufactured more than 7000 clock-movements. The company wants to foster the skills and values of classic clockmaking. In addition, it wants to further develop traditional craftsmanship making use of the new technology available today.

Company 'know how', modern CNC machinery, totally new methodology, and the use of uptodate materials have made this project possible. The movement of the M1 has of 87 parts and although it has the same technical quality as a Sattler Precision clock, it is designed so that even inexperienced clock enthusiasts can assemble it without difficulty. Those who want to read more about the principles of pendulum clocks may refer to the second chapter of this book. Precious clocks can enhance any room and be the pride of every owner; especially, in this case, when he has assembled the clock by himself. I wish you an enjoyable experience as you assemble and regulate the clock to perform with precision.

A clock of this quality will last hundreds of years and will be passed with pride from generation to generation.

Best regards

Richard Müller, CEO