Upgrades for the Mechanica M2

Allowing you to upgrade your Mechanica M2 visually and mechanically was a key factor in our design philosophy. The following upgrades are available to enhance the look, beauty, accuracy and longevity of your Mechanica M2. Every upgrade comes with detailed installation instructuions.

Mechanica M2: 2200.- EUR.

Assembly by us (Manufactory)

Price 350.- €

Round Dial with opening.
The view of the high quality escapement allows you to watch the oscillations of the balance. The applied second scale with extra long second hand gives the dial a three dimensional appearance.

Price 310,– €, reduced price 240,– € *

Polierte Edelstahlzeiger (3-teilig)
Polished stainless steel hands.
Highly polished stainless steel hands on a matte dial have an excellent contrast at any light conditions.

Price 190,– €, reduced price 150,– € *

Rhodium plated escapement with screw balance.
With its diamond cut, rhodium plated surface, the classic screw balance, blue hairspring and screws, this escapement pays tribute to the watch making art of the past. The finish is inspired by complicated antique pocket watches.

Price 510,– €, reduced price 390,– € *

Domed and blued hands.
The handmade domed, polished and blued hands are a highlightfor every dial.

Price 480,– €, reduced price 440,– € *

Fine turned and highly polished screws for the movement.
With the 22 pieces, polished stainless steel screw kit the optical appearance of the movement can be enhanced.

Price 225,– €, reduced price 215,– € *

Sattler lacquer or special lacquer

Price 450.- €

[ * Reduced Price with the return of the original part, or when ordered with the clock kit ]
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