At the end of this year, we want to pay tribute to our recently sold out table clock Mechanica M2 with an exclusive single copy. This unique piece comes already assembled and in an oiled cherry tree case - it is definitely the last M2 ever built! In addition to the built-in upgrades such as the hand-domed hands, the rhodium-plated escapement with screw balance and the fine-polished screw set, the clock contains at the front and the back, panes of bevelled mineral glass. This M2 is turned in a real unique piece by the skeletonized, polished and nickel-plated brass plates with the engraving "Final M2 2019" on the back plate, as well as the elaborated skeletonized dial. For the price of 4500.- €, included shipping (in Germany), this unique timepiece can be ordered by phone at 089-895580620, by email: or by fax at 089-895580628.